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Oil Casing and tubing is a important equipment for oil drilling


Oil Casing and Tubing is a important equipment for oil drilling, its main equipment also include a core drill pipe, casing, pipe, drill collar and small caliber drilling pipe. Domestic casing is made of geological drilling steel after hot rolling and cold drawing , the number of steel expressing by geological" ( DZ ), commonly used in the grade of steel DZ40, DZ55, DZ753.

Oil special pipe is mainly used for oil, gas well drilling and oil, gas transportation. It consists of petroleum drill pipe, Oil Casing and Tubing. Oil drill pipe is mainly used to connect the drill collar with the drill bit and transmits drilling power . Oil casing is mainly used for shaft support in the middle and completion of drilling , to ensure that the drilling process and the completion of the well after the normal operation. Pumping oil pipeline is main transported the oil and gas on bottom to the ground.

Oil casing is a lifeline to maintain the oil well operation . Because the geological condition is different, stress state is complex, pull, pressure, bending, torsion stress effect on the pipe body, the casing itself quality put forward higher requirements. Once the casing itself damaged for some reason, maybe causing the entire cut back production, and even scrap.

According to the strength of steel casing can be divided into different steel grade, namely J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110, Q125, V150 etc. Well condition, well depth is different, with different steel grade,also requires the casing itself has corrosion resistance in corrosive environment . In the complicated geologic condition place also requires a cannula having a anti-collapse performance.

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