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Pipe fittings are basically used for installations and repairing of piping and tubing system in various facilities. The fitting find application in different settings: manufacturing, HVAC, refineries, nuclear-powered super carriers, hydraulics power plant construction, etc. They are also used in commercial building and residential apartments. These fittings are available in different dimensions, materials and finishes based upon the specific application.

Pipe fittings includes tees,flanges,elbows,bends,reducers,caps and Socket weld pipe fittings,Anticorrosive wearing fitting,Stainless steel pipe fittings.The Standard is ANSI, ASME, DIN, JIS, BS.

  • Butt Welded TEES

    Butt Welded TEES

    A tee is also called triplet,three way and "T" pieces and it can be used to either combine or split a fluid flow. Most common are tees with the same inlet and outlet sizes...

  • Flanges


    We provides ASME Code and Non Code Industrial flanges for the Petrochemical, Process, & Waterworks industries. ANSI, API, AWWA pipe flanges in carbon...

  • Butt Welded Bends

    Butt Welded Bends

    The bend is used to change the direction of run of pipe.it advantage is can match long distance transition requirements,so it is commonly that bends...

  • Butt Welded Elbows

    Butt Welded Elbows

    Carbon steel elbow is used to be installed between two lengths of pipe or tube allowing a change of direction,usually these carbon steel elbows distinguished by connection ends...

  • Butt Welded Reducer

    Butt Welded Reducer

    Reducer is a kind of fitting that be used for reducing piping size. There are 2 types reducer as follows: a. Concentric reducer: have a central axis (centerline) of the...

  • Butt Welded Carbon Steel Cap

    Butt Welded Carbon Steel Cap

    carbon steel butt welded seamless Caps is usually used for protecting the end of pipe and other fittings,so the shape is designed according to the...

  • Socket Weld and Fittings

    Socket Weld and Fittings

    SW Fittings are family of high pressure fittings are used in various industrial processes.They are used for lines conveying flammable, toxic or expensive material where no leakage can...

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