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How has seamless steel pipe developed


The United States Department of Commerce announced in February 24, 2010 preliminary decision, the seamless steel pipe imported from China collection from 11.06% to 12.97% ranging from countervailing duties. The United States Department of Commerce said in a statement, from 2006 to 2008, the United States imports of seamless steel pipes from China increased by 131.52%, amount to about $382000000.

Last October, the United States Department of commerce should the United States Steel Corp, V&M Star, TMK IPSCO companies and the United States steel workers union demands, on the Anti-subsidy case file. At that time, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce officials have said the allegations, blind imports from China the existence of dumping or subsidies, the lack of factual basis, China is firmly opposed to it.

Last year at the beginning of 11, the United States International Trade Commission has to make a preliminary determination. The current schedule display, American Department of Commerce will be in May this year to make a final, the United States International Trade Commission will make a final ruling on June.

By the financial crisis and economic recession, since 2009 the United States frequently used trade relief measures.

The world bank is responsible for international trade study senior economist Chad Brown to reporter of Xinhua news agency to provide a copy of the latest research report shows, 2009, the global implementation of the anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguards and other trade restrictions more than in 2008 29.5%. Trade protectionist measures affecting the recovery of the world economy has become an important hidden danger.

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