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The size of DN Welded steel pipe


Welded steel pipes size Male diameter class standard executive standard
welded pipe 4 points series DN15 20~21*0.70~2.75 GB/T3091-2008
welded pipe 6 points series DN20 25~26.8*0.70~2.75 GB/T3091-2008
welded pipe 1 inch series DN25 32~33.5*0.8~3.25 GB/T3091-2008
welded pipe 1.2 inch series DN32 40~42*0.90~3.25 GB/T3091-2008
welded pipe 1.5 inch series DN40 47~48*0.70~3.25 GB/T3091-2008
welded pipe 2 inch series DN50 59~60*1.3~3.5 GB/T3091-2008
welded pipe 2.5 inch series DN65 75*1.5~3.75 GB/T3091-2008
welded pipe 3 inch series DN80 88*1.5~4.0 GB/T3091-2008
welded pipe 4 inch series DN100 114*1.1~4.0 GB/T3091-2008
welded pipe 5 inch series DN125 140*2.2~4.5 GB/T3091-2008
welded pipe 6 inch series DN150 165*1.4~4.5 GB/T3091-2008
welded pipe 8 inch series DN200 219*2.0~6.0 GB/T3091-2008
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