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Slotted Screen Pipe

The slotted casing is mainly used to the water and oil reservation layer without much sand. Its function is prevent rock bits dropping into the well bore. The working principle is allowing the certain size sand coming through the surface with crude oil but keeping the bigger size sand being stopped outside from the sand bridges, and thereby to achieve the anti-sand purpose. This type of product is commonly used to sand rock and carbonate reservoir, and especially usable for horizontal wells.

We can supply laser seamless steel pipe used for petroleum. It can prevent 99% sand, decrese 80% of oil well heavy repair and increase the oil well's strength , integrality and stability of keeping off sand. Although its structure is simple ,it is very effective.It has small cuts of 0.10—0.5mm in the tube wall.

1.High strength through resistance to twisting,compressive,and tensile forces
2. according to customer needs, coated with different coating can improve the life of the wells
3. bridge slot screen system using steel plate punching, roll made, light weight, cheap
4. Its used for a variety of connect , so the down tube is easy to operate
5. bridge opening gap and diameter according to customer requirements design, great convenience of the user

1.Professional Service
2.Full set quality Control
3.Best Quality and Competitive Price
4.Punctual delivery

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