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Socket Weld and Fittings

SW Fittings are family of high pressure fittings are used in various industrial processes.

Socket Weld and Screwed Fittings are used for lines conveying flammable, toxic or expensive material where no leakage can be permitted, and for steam 300 to 600 PSI.

Socket Weld and Screwed Fittings are used only in conjunction with ASME Pipe and are available in the same size range. They are used in areas where pipe-work is permanent and are designed to provide good flow characteristics.

They are are produced to several ASTM standards and are manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.11. The B16.11 standard covers pressure-temperature ratings, dimensions, tolerances, marking, and material requirements for forged carbon and alloy steel. Acceptable material forms are forgings, bars, seamless pipe, and seamless tubes which conform to the fittings chemical compositions, melting practices, and mechanical property requirements of ASTM A105, A182, or A350.

They are available in three pressure ratings: 3000lbs, 6000lbs and 9000lbs.

It includes Nippolets (3000#) Swaged Nippolets (3000#) Sockolets (3000#, 6000#) Threadolets (3000#, 6000#) Union (3000#) Reducer Insert (3000#, 6000#) Socket Welding Fittings Forged Threaded Fittings Plugs and Bushings

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